Vision. Values. Vitality.
Culturally Intelligent Coaching and Training
Through cross-cultural support and training, we help organizations and individuals relate to the challenges of working in new cultural settings. 

We provide assessment tools, workshops, and executive coaching to organizations and individuals who want to become culturally competent in relating cross-culturally to others. 

We specialize in working with organizations in the faith setting, the educational field, those in non-profit community development work, and with businesses working globally.
Our cultural vision is how we “see” another culture through our own biases, beliefs and experiences.
Our cultural values are the  beliefs that influence our attitudes and frame our behavior.  
Our cultural vitality is the curiosity and energy that makes our entering another culture an adventure!
"Cultural Intelligence Is understanding 
and Appreciating The Many Cultures 
In Which We live and Work."
~ Gary W Logan ~
SYNAGO Worskshops
Understanding and Appreciating Culture
Culture, Hospitality, and Customer Service
Culture, Religion, and Health Care
Healthy Community Development
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